FYSF Philosophy

A Colorado Gym Specializing in Small Group Fitness, Wellness, and Health Coaching

Welcome to Feed Your Soul Fitness! 

  • Small Group Training
  • Personal Training
  • Stretching / Yoga
  • Practical Nutrition and So Much More!

Whether this is the FIRST time you have made your health a priority or you are making it a priority AGAIN, you will need support, accountability and motivation. Our training studio and programs encompass everything you are looking for and deserve: 

  • Comfort – we don’t have any “lunk-heads or meat-heads”. People your age, your size that are happy and positive. No loud, crazy or offensive music here either!
  • Great instructors – a variety of trainers with one goal: helping you get in great shape! They are dedicated to their passion of getting the local community healthy! They will focus on you and treat you with respect.
  • Small Groups – because you hate to be lost in the crowd and feel “anonymous” barely existing where you work out. No more than 8 in a group so you get attention and correction in form.
  • Pace of training – no need to count reps, no need to feel like you are rushed, holding someone up, or waiting on someone. Everyone goes at their own pace and feels successful!
  • Non-aggressive workouts – because you don’t want to drag a tire around, have chains hanging from your body or do “cross-fit style” workouts!
  • Convenience – life is busy so we provide 30 minute training sessions to get you in and out with an effective training session that will give you results without over stressing your mind or body. As a plus, ample free parking to save you time!
  • Accountability! Because we care about your specific goals, we offer Accountability Coaching sessions that guide you through the next 30 days. This keeps you on track, successful and focused!



How would you feel finally getting into the shape you have been dreaming of? Clothes fitting better, you having more confidence and recovering from old injuries…..

What would it be like to deal with stress and anxiety better have more balance? Stress not having that negative effect on your life…things wouldn’t bother you as much.

How wonderful would it feel to have more energy for life? Chasing after grand-kids…traveling the world…not being winded after regular activities?

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With the winning combination of Personal Training, Small Group Training, our meal plan and the Accountability Coaching Session you will get into amazing shape and have more energy for your life!


The personal training sessions will give you 1:1 attention with a trainer that is focused on your specific results. Our 45-minute training sessions are designed to help you, especially if you have injuries or limitations where you need to better understand how your body reacts to exercising.

The small group sessions are fun and energetic to motivate you and keep your attention. There will be no more than 8 in a group so you get closer to your goals!

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Functional Aging Institute Certified

Educated trainers that specialize in training individuals over 50. We recognize that they have different goals and that their approach is different than that of a 20 year old.

Clean Studio

Our 3,000 sq ft studio is clean with plenty of equipment, no machines. We have a “closed environment” meaning no one can just come in off the street and work out-everyone is a member and must be with a trainer.

Free Parking

We know how frustrating it can be to have to look for parking-and paying for meters isn’t good either. We have plenty of free parking in a well lit lot.

No Machines

Because we are all about Functional Fitness, we have equipment on hand that will challenge your body in ways that you move in real life.

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Our small group sessions have 6-8 people in them. This means you will get specialized attention and the best workouts. We are all about making you feel GREAT! There is no intimidation factor – no ego – no worry about going as fast as you can – just you – learning and progressing in your natural time.
Our philosophy is Functional Training that will support your healthy lifestyle. Our three main training session offerings are Small Group Personal Training, TRX Small Group Training and Stretch Yoga. Being a member, you can sign up and plan your personal training sessions with your small group. It is flexible so it fits your schedule!

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