Want to have the best and healthiest summer you’ve had in a long while? Get energy, lose weight and feel amazing this summer by taking action NOW!

Here’s how the 21 Day for $21 works:

  • You have access to our full schedule for Small Group Training (Click here to view)
  • You can come to ANY session ANY day
  • Enjoy our convenient 30 minute sessions
  • 4 styles of training: Strength Training, TRX Training, Cardio Training and Yoga
  • Training groups are small, no more than 8 people per session!
  • You get 9 Small Group Sessions to use in  21 days. Use them when they fit within your schedule
  • You will receive your Nutritional Swaps in a PDF format
  • You will receive your Health and Wellness Journal during your Nutrition Consult
  • Your assessment will be done at the Nutrition Consult
  • You have 21 days to enjoy!


Not sure? We invite you to come in for a FREE Nutrition Consultation and receive ONE FREE SESSION!.

At the beginning of 2017 you probably set a goal to be healthier, lose weight and be more active by summer, right?!


Well Summer is just around the corner! You’ve been procrastinating for too long now and your health is the exact same (maybe worse?) and your body is exactly the same (maybe worse?).


The time to take control is now. If you want to spend your summer being active, feeling confident in shorts/tank tops/sun dresses and living life to the fullest, you have got to get started! Stop feeling bad about how you look. Stop feeling bad about your sedentary life. Stop being complacent with where you’re at in your health and wellness.


Maybe you have a summer vacation planned and you aren’t looking forward to it because you know you will be seeing friends and family. You dread thinking about wearing a swimsuit or wearing shorts but IT’S NOT TOO LATE to get your body where you want it!


You need accountability to keep you going; coaching for when you need help; support to keep you motivated, and a community to celebrate all of your achievements! And that is exactly how Feed Your Soul Fitness will help you achieve the body that you want!


No more “yo-yo” dieting and blowing through exercise fads. Those are so frustrating, not to mention very hard on your body and mind! Our training and nutrition programs are sustainable and approachable. You’ll still be able to balance your busy life, yet you’ll get to make a difference in your health.


With nutrition guidance, you’ll finally understand better ways to eat. No more guessing what’s good for you and what’s not; or how much of what you should be eating and when. We can help you create the willpower and desire to make choices that will help you lose that stubborn weight and be EXACTLY where you want to be this summer!


Our 21 Days for $21 program will give you that momentum you need to get started to not only have an incredible summer, but to make sure that, at the end of 2017, you aren’t worse off than where you started.


Not sure if you are ready to go for 21 days? We invite you to come in for a FREE Nutrition Consultation and receive ONE FREE SESSION!.

We want to help those in our local community who are really ready to make this Spring and Summer their healthiest and most successful!  If you’re tired of looking and feeling the way you do now, get your spot while you can so that you can actually make a difference for the months ahead. It all starts with you getting your spot! We will support you the rest of the way!


FAQ about the 21 Day $21:

  • Can I bring a friend with me? – Absolutely! Simply forward this offer to them and we can get you both set up!
  • What all does this include? – You get 9 Small Group Personal Training Sessions- you can choose any 9 from the above list. You also get a 30 min Accountability Coaching Session where assessments can be done.
  • What if I am a beginner? We specialize helping beginners get started in a safe way. You will get instruction with form and can make any exercise easier. With this 21-day promotion, you can also get two personal training sessions for just $99. (saving you over $30!) If you have exercise experience, we also always offer ways to make the exercises more challenging so as people progress, they can stay challenged.
  • What does the schedule look like?– 30 minute sessions, offered as early as 6am, and as late as 7:15pm. See full schedule
  • Are your workouts aggressive? – We know you don’t feel motivated by big weights or intense workouts that could hurt you and that is why we offer functional fitness led by compassionate and patient trainers.
  • What if I can’t keep up? – No need to feel like you have to keep up. The exercises are timed, so you go at a pace that feels comfortable for you. There is no need to feel like you are rushed, holding someone up, or waiting on someone. Everyone goes at their own pace and feels successful!
  • How big are the groups? – Because we know you hate to be lost in a large crowd and you actually want to be recognized by your trainer, we keep our sessions to no more than 8 in a group. This means you get personal attention and correction in form as well- much more like personal training!.
  • Do you help with nutrition? – Yes, you get our Nutritional Swap that will provide better choices for eating and drinking so you get on track. You can also schedule your free 30 min Nutrition Consult once you get started with your 21 days!