Where are you located?

FYSF is at the corner of 44th and Chase – our specific address is 5500 W. 44th Ave Denver 80212

What are my parking options?

We have plenty of free parking in the front, on the side and behind our building, so no added time or stress to you getting your workout in!

How long are your sessions?

Our Small Group Training sessions are 30 minutes with a special treat on Sundays of a One-Hour Yoga session. Our Personal Training sessions are 45 minutes of one-on-one attention.

How many clients can be in a training session?

Our Small Group training sessions are no more than 8 in a group. That is our way to give each client the attention they deserve to ensure that they are in proper form with each exercise. It’s also a great way to keep the training session focused, fun and positive!

What do I wear?

Wearing athletic clothing is best. Maybe that’s pants, maybe that’s shorts. Tank tops or t-shirts. But something you don’t mind sweating in. No jeans, street shoes or sandals permitted. Treat yourself to a few new threads though….studies show when you wear the same clothes you mow the lawn in, you just don’t look at working out in the same way!

I haven’t worked out in 10-20 years, can I do your program?

You bet! We specialize in training people who are new or newer to fitness. You will feel comfortable in our studio because the exercises are timed and you can go at your own pace. Our instructors will explain what the exercise is, how to do it and where you should be feeling it. Of course, they are also motivating you the whole time to keep up your hard work! One on one training can be a beneficial way to begin so that you can ask questions about the exercises, your form and how to modify or vary the exercise to your comfort level.

I can’t even touch my toes, how can I do yoga?

That’s what yoga is all about! Many people start out very inflexible and not comfortable with stretching in general. We teach yoga in a restorative, gentle and deep stretching way so that your body will, over time, begin to length providing you with numerous benefits. Those benefits include: stress relief, better sleep, more energy, focused mind, balanced emotions, improved posture, better balance and overall, your body will feel longer and lighter! With the use of blocks, straps, and blankets, you will have assistance in your poses and the teacher will help you modify if something isn’t feeling right for you and your body.

I’ve hurt myself exercising in the past, how can I be sure that won’t happen again?

An injury can certainly be discouraging and have you feeling hesitant towards starting exercising again. Some of the certifications we have are with Corrective Exercise so that we can teach clients how to exercise while keeping the injury safe. We can also teach clients how to strengthen the areas that support the injured areas. Best of all, our trainers will make sure each step of the way that the client is feeling great about their training. If they do not wish to lift heavy weights or perform a certain exercise, we will honor that and not force them to do so anyways. We are on our client’s agenda, not ours. We will help them to understand how exercises can benefit them, but will always progress the client accordingly in time.

I have an injury/limitation, can I still train at your studio?

Absolutely! We will want to discuss with you what those injuries are and will do so in your private, complimentary intake session. Once we know more about your body, we can help you with a training program that suites you best to make sure you are safe but also progressing in your health and wellness.

How intense are your workouts; how fast do I need to go?

Our workouts are done with a timer, so you can go at a pace that serves you best. If you feel that you need to go a bit slower or take breaks, you don’t have to worry that you will hold anyone up. No need to count reps during our training sessions-we know you rather come in and not think about what you have to do! t.

How do you offer your program? In a membership or can I drop in?

FYSF is focused on the Mind-Body Transformation so we do not have any drop in’s available for our training sessions. In order to see results and live the healthy, sustainable lifestyle you deserve and want, consistency is key. That is why our clients choose if they want 8x,12,or 16x a month for training sessions including access to all types of classes. (Strength, TRX, Cardio and Yoga) Our memberships are 12 months only because there are phases to a client’s transformation. The best part about our memberships is they are FLEXIBLE! You can adjust your 8x, 12x, or 16x a month program throughout your year with 30 days notice and any unused sessions in a month cycle will roll over to the next 30 days! Learn more about the phases of a transformation and how amazing our programs are during your complimentary consult that you can schedule here.

What are your prices?

Our programs are completely customizable to each client’s specific goals and lifestyle. You can choose from Small Group Training and/or Personal Training. Depending on the frequency and duration of your training program, prices vary. We can meet in person to better discuss your individual needs to find a program that works for your lifestyle and budget.

Should I do Personal Training or Small Group Training?

After meeting for our intake session, we can help you better understand which would be a better fit for you. It depends on your body, your history with exercise, your health history and more. Many of our clients choose to do both, and some do one or the other.

What can I expect out of the Strength Training Session?

Strength training sessions are 30 minutes of exercises in small groups of no more than 8 that will help you build full body strength. By using a variety of equipment, you will not get bored and neither will your muscles! The trainer will have the group do a full warm up, then explain the exercises with demonstrations, then get the group going in the workout. It is all timed, so you can go at your own pace. The session will end with stretching.

What can I expect out of the TRX Training Session?

TRX training sessions are 30 minutes of time on the TRX suspension training straps in small groups of no more than 8. The trainer will do a group warm up, demonstrate the exercises and get everyone working out. It is all timed, so you can go at your own pace. You can adjust your stance while using the TRX to make each exercise as easy as you need or as challenging as you like. TRX helps build core strength, create mind body awareness and allow for full range of motion of the joints. The session will end with stretching.

What can I expect out of the Cardio/Core Training Session?

Cardio/Core is a training session that builds your cardiovascular health. We use timed intervals with body weight cardio exercises that will get your heart rate up. We will keep you on your toes to keep the heart rate elevated to build your cardio endurance up. There will be more focused core work during these sessions. Everything is modifiable so you feel successful and can go at your own pace! No more than 8 in our small group for cardio!

What can I expect out of the yoga sessions?

Our yoga is a great way to bring balance and peace into your busy life! Our focus is breathing, having an intention for the mind and to allow your body to lengthen and relax. We have plenty of yoga mats, straps, blocks and blankets to assist you in your practice. Each session is more restorative like and will allow you to unwind from the chaos of life. You will leave feeling emotionally restored with a body that is light and relaxed.