Wheat Ridge FitnessAt Feed Your Soul Fitness we are not your average Colorado “gym”. In fact, we call ourselves a training studio. At our training studio, you will train with certified trainers for your small group and/or one-on-one training sessions. Because we want to help people make a true difference in their health, our programs vary from the traditional “month unlimited” options you see out there. Our programs hold people accountable, offer flexibility and give clients the true transformation they are looking for. You simply cannot make the transformation you want by drop in classes or month to month options. Consistency is key.


We also realize lifestyle, budget and goals will play a role in how much you train. That is why we offer customizable programs because we realize one size does not fit all. With 30-minute training sessions you will find it easy to fit in consistent workouts without maxing out your body.


Our clients in our community choose if they want to train with us 8x, 12x or 16x a month. If they have unused sessions, they roll over to the next 30 days. This helps with accountability but also gives flexibility when sickness happens or travel occurs.


Our clients use an online scheduling app to book their desired training sessions giving them the freedom and power to make their schedules fit their busy life. We offer group sessions 7 days a week with early morning, mid-morning, lunch, evening and weekend options-something to fit everyone’s lifestyle!


Because your life changes, you have the freedom to adjust your program from the 12x, 16x or 20x a month. You can increase or decrease as needed with 30 days written (emailed) notice.


Our regular programs start at $159 a month and all small group training sessions have no more than 8-10 people per session so you always get the attention you want and deserve.  We also offer personal training should you feel you need some assistance getting started prior to joining the small groups. Personal training starts at $65 per 45-minute session.

We run introductory offers throughout the year to get you started. With these specials, you can see if we are a good fit for your needs. There is no obligation to continue after you try out one of our offers so there is no pressure. (Introductory offers are only good to those new to FYSF and introductory offers cannot be claimed less than 6 months apart)


Try one of our introductory offers to get going now. Taking action is the first step. Schedule your complimentary consult with Brandy so she can meet with you to get you set up.