Brandy Martin: Business Owner, Personal Training, Small Group Training-TRX-FAI and Yoga Certified

brandyI came from the “Big Box” work environment of corporate America. I was overweight, overworked, unhealthy and very unhappy. After doing some self-searching, I decided to clean up my eating and start exercising. I started jogging and lifting weights and doing yoga. I lost about 20 pounds when I realized that I could combine my desire to help others and my passion for health and fitness. I left my job and graduated from a Yoga Teacher Training in 2010 and have been teaching and learning ever since.



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As I continued to teach, I realized I wanted to learn more. In 2012 I completed the training to be certified in Indoor Cycling, Kettle bells and TRX Suspension Training System. Being able to work with clients through various aspects of fitness styles, I have been able to help everyone from the whole spectrum. I wanted to take it a step further so I became a Certified Personal Trainer.

I completed the NASM program and am enjoying training individuals and group classes. I specialize in working with mature adults who are beginners or intermediate with their fitness level. It can be life-changing to spend quality, one-on-one time with a trainer. I truly care about each of my clients and create relationships that last. Clients are my family! I truly love being a part of the accomplishment of their goals! Watching someone achieve greatness fills my heart! My training style is all about functional training. This means the client gets the most effective workout that will help them be the most successful at life! Being certified in different aspects of exercise, I will always find a way to challenge the body, yet keep it balanced and happy!

I always bring in a sense of humor and playfulness to each session or class because it never hurts to laugh or smile!! Being active at life, I crave adventure! I have jumped out of an airplane, climbed 14er’s, gone diving, hugged elephants, camped, surfed, zip lined, whitewater rafted, deep-sea fished, gone snowboarding, and have run 5k and 10k races. I enjoy traveling around the world and learning about different cultures. Passionate about health and wellness, I look to inspire anyone and everyone to create their most healthful and thriving life!

Kim Williams:  Small Group Training, Certified Personal Trainer.

“Kim was always immersed in athletics from a young age. She grew up playing soccer and swimming, and was able to play soccer in college at a higher level. During her junior year if college, she fractured her femur during a game that caused her to have to sit out the rest of the season. She went through extensive physical therapy for her last season of her senior year, but was never able to play the same again.

After graduation, she lost desire to exercise and workout, and gained a significant amount of weight trying to learn how to eat for her inactive lifestyle and not like an athlete as she did before. During the 4 years that followed, she struggled with her weight and eating habits until she started to practice yoga and run again. This allowed her to feel strong and confident, and brought awareness to her body that she hadn’t had since the injury.


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Since then, she has began to explore herself outside of a career in soccer, and has discovered a passion for hiking, swimming, rock climbing, running, and yoga.

Kim has a B.A. in Human Performance and Business Management, with a Masters in Sports Nutrition. She has previous experience training as a kick-boxing instructor and swimming instructor.

DeAnne Spector:  Small Group Training and TRX Suspension Training Certified, Schwinn Cycling Certified.

deanne“Ageing is inevitable, but the quality of how you age is totally within your control.”  I strongly believe that it is never too late to get in shape and change your life, I know, I have done it.  When I turned 50, I reached a personal goal; I was in the best physical shape of my life!

I had spent 23 years in the oil and gas industry, in highly stressful and contentious positions.  Most of this time was spent sitting behind a desk, developing bad habits and a bad attitude.


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Fast forward to Fall of 2013 when I had a life changing illness with a 12 month recovery period.  As a result of my long recovery period, I lost my desk job, which became a blessing in disguise! During the next 12 months, I focused on everything fitness. As part of my rehab, I started my yoga practice back up with Brandy. As spring approached, I began Fitness in the Park with FYSF.

I became strong and was hooked on the variety and consistency of fitness and exercise. I lost weight, gained muscle strength and I met a lot of really cool people. I wanted more!  I had always enjoyed indoor cycling for a good cardio and endurance workout. In the fall of 2014, I attended the Schwinn Cycling Certification class.  I began instructing group cycling classes and loved it.

I wanted to further expand on my health and fitness coaching.  I became TRX certified and added Suspension Training classes to my repertoire. I desire more education, so I am currently enrolled in a course to become a Functional Aging Specialist through the Functional Aging Institute (FAI).  I look forward to training you in a session soon!

Treasa Gleason: Personal Training, Small Group Training and Yoga Certified

Treasa is a 200 hr. RYT Certified Yoga Alliance and Yoga is her passion! Yoga came into her life when she tried it with a friend and fell in love. It made her feel amazing, but like most of us, she barely understood anything about it. It took her awhile to find a consistent practice and when she had found one, life got in the way yet again.

An opportunity arose, she packed her things and moved from Kansas to Colorado, where she found a wonderful teacher training and now she’s been teaching since 2014.



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Her focus towards anatomy and alignment of the body stuck with her the most. These are just a couple of things she hopes to help everyone figure out in her sessions! As she puts it- yoga is about getting to know yourself through a practice of meditation and movement, all guided by breath. Her style of teaching is geared towards filling students’ minds with proper alignment of the body and teaching how to connect to yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. She is excited to have the opportunity to work with clients at FYSF.

Ashleigh Cook: Yoga and Stretch Classes

Ashleigh first began her journey with yoga more than a decade ago in college as part of her path to health. She spent most of her adolescence inactive, unhealthy and overweight. During her freshman year of college, she realized she was solely in control of her body and mind and began taking group exercise classes and changing eating habits. After years of small, lasting lifestyle changes, she is 35 pounds lighter, a bona fide optimist, and eager to share her passion for health with others!

Toni Bustamento : Personal Training and Small Group Training

brandyI grew up with an active family that loved to play outdoors. Whether it was biking, kickball or a game of touch football we were always moving! I enjoyed going to the gym with mom to do aerobics & weightlifting. Because of my ongoing love for fitness, activity and health, I went to school and graduated from University of Houston with a BS in Fitness & Human Performance. I truly enjoyed working in various gyms & teaching aerobics. As life changed and shifted, I ended up in the corporate world.




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In my mid-thirties working my corporate job, I found myself not being as active, eating out with friends and not feeling the way I wanted. I decided I needed to change my life. I remembered my love of running and decided to train and run a half marathon. I ran my first one in 2005 and was hooked! Running helped with my life transitions and kept me on track to my goals for fitness. Running then lead me into Triathlons!

Because I always had fitness in my life and have a formal education in it, I wanted to bring it back into my life in a different way so that I could help others. I worked with my personal trainer and mentor Brandy Martin to figure out what path I could take. I have my Personal Training Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I’m looking forward to developing my knowledge by taking specialization classes and becoming TRX Certified.

I’m excited about joining Feed Your Soul Fitness and helping every client reach their goal whether it is being more active, being healthier, or just enjoying life more. I feel that my background and experience can relate to what many people go through. I want to support all clients to help them be their best!

When it comes to play time, you will find me on my road bike or out for a run. I also enjoy taking my dog, Chico, out for long walks to the park and hiking. In general, I just like playing outside. Looking forward to meeting everyone and hearing about your favorite activities!

Christine Eldridge :  Personal Training and Small Group Training.

Danielle ScottChristine stumbled upon fitness five years ago when she was ready to make a change in her life. She started attending spin and TRX classes and was quickly hooked. She signed up for a TRX trainer class as a way to enhance her own practice. She was randomly asked to teach a class one day with her newly acquired certification and has been teaching ever since.





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Christine can tailor a class to meet the needs of all fitness levels and is sensitive to modifications and enhancing form to maximize strength and safety. Christine recently competed a Personal Training program and is currently certified through NASM.
In her spare time, Christine loves snowboarding, hiking with her family, racing dragon boats, and kick boxing. She is an avid martial artist and is well on her way to becoming a certified black belt in Karate

Danielle Scott:  Personal Training and Small Group Training.

Danielle ScottAll through high school, I played sports like soccer and basketball, but my weight was always an issue. I had the skills to do well, but carrying around a lot of excess weight led me to not reach my full potential.
Once I moved out and went to college, I wasn’t playing sports as much and gained even more weight. In my junior year of college, weighing in at my heaviest of 240 pounds, I had had enough. One day I decided to make a change so I started with running and weight lifting, as well as significantly changing my diet.



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After 10 months of consistency, I had dropped 80 pounds, 8 pants sizes, and my entire mindset had changed. Fitness and health had turned my entire life around, and I became hooked. Before graduating college with a degree in Math, I got certified as a NASM Personal Trainer. I wanted to help people reach their full potential through living a healthy lifestyle.
After getting certified, I began training and saw my clients be hugely successful with their weight loss and health improvement.
It was then that I knew I wanted to help more people and followed my passion to continue on as a personal trainer. I am always reading articles about health and fitness, and constantly continuing my education on different aspects of it. Currently, I am in the process of getting certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Strength and Conditioning Coach. I am excited to be a part of FYSF and can’t want to meet more of you all!

Karissa Devore:  Yoga and Stretch Classes.

Karissa DevoreKarissa is a 1st grade teacher who first fell in love with yoga as a college freshman in Austin. Since then her mat has been her safe place, a haven where she has rejoiced, grieved and breathed through the highs and lows of life.

When she is not on her mat or in the classroom she enjoys traveling, crocheting and exploring the mountains with her husband, Hugh, and dog, Tio.




Jessica Talbot: Personal Training and Small Group Training

Jessica TalbotJessica Talbot developed a passion for health and fitness over ten years ago while attending school at the University of Colorado. It was there that she discovered how important wellness was, not only her physical health, but for her emotional and mental well-being as well. After toiling 8 years in the insurance industry post-graduation, she realized she was unhappy and decided to transform the passion she had developed for fitness into a career.





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Jessica recently became a certified trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and she is also currently working on a Masters degree in Counseling from Regis University. Jessica has personally experienced both the physical and psychological benefits of exercise and wellness and would like to incorporate those benefits into her work with others. In addition, Jessica has encountered her own obstacles and injuries, which included a serious knee injury after a skiing accident several years ago.

She had knee surgery to replace her torn ACL and damaged meniscus and endured almost two years of physical therapy before she could return to her normal activities. From this experience, she gained an appreciation for the inevitable struggles that can occur, while also understanding the psychological barriers individuals may experience along the way to their own health and wellness goals. Jessica will incorporate methods to overcome those unforeseen barriers in her coaching and training with her clients.

Jessica is a firm believer in self-care and finding a fitness program that works for the individual, as opposed to a “one size fits all” philosophy. She is a huge proponent of functional fitness in order to make health and wellness a lifetime achievement through realistic and obtainable measures. Jessica loves to spend time in the outdoors and enjoys running (having completed 5k’s, 10k’s and half marathons), hiking (with a goal of summiting all of the Colorado 14ers), camping, scuba diving, and skiing. She has also completed a sprint triathlon and enjoys yoga and lifting weights.

When time allows, Jessica loves to travel the world and spend time with her fur-children, which include a Chihuahua named Riley and a cat named Wrigley. She is a proponent of living the life you love and being true to yourself no matter what the endeavor!

Johnny King: Personal Training and Small Group Training

Johnny King

Johnny grew up in St. Louis as the middle of 5 children with a nurturing mother and a work-a-holic father. From a young age, he experienced the pain of watching his friend’s parents participate with them in activities while Johnny’s obese parents watched from the relative comfort of their shaded lawn chairs. Fast forward 20 years and Johnny’s mother passed away in 2006 from breast cancer at the youthful age of 61 after a life long battle with yo-yo dieting and regaining.

After gaining a much deeper understanding of the battle with dieting and the role food plays in stress eating, Johnny was inspired to leave his corporate job so that he could help other like-minded women just like his mom. In 2010, Johnny opened his first of several St. Louis Fitness Boot Camp in Missouri to help local woman and sold it 5 years later.

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He then followed his dream of living near the mountains and moved to Denver in 2014. As a Certified Personal Trainer & COPE Certified Health Coach, he’s excited to return to his roots and reconnect with the warmth and energy of leading group classes at Feed Your Soul Fitness studio and couldn’t be more humbled and grateful to be part of the family. As a way of continuously honoring the memory of his mother and paying it forward, Johnny looks forward to meeting you, having fun and supporting you in living a life that inspires others to do the same!

Garry Appel: Yoga and Stretch Classes

garryI am a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200), who brings my unique and unusually broad scope of life experiences to the teaching of yoga and meditation.

A practicing attorney for thirty-five years, a photographic artist whose work is in private collections and has been exhibited throughout the Rocky Mountain region, a law professor at two universities, a published author and a much in demand seminar speaker, I bring to all my teaching an ease and gentle manner and ability to relate to other people, regardless of their age or background.

Susan Dalen: Yoga and Stretch Classes

Growing up, I stayed active by playing lacrosse and field hockey. However, I was not the healthiest eater, and struggled with my weight up through college. In 2011, I ran my first race, a 5k in Washington DC with my family. After that, my passion for running was sparked and I began training for more races. I fell in love with the atmosphere of being in a race and thrived off of the energy in the running community. I was motivated by seeing changes in my body (losing about 30 pounds!) and seeing progress in my running. I have ran 2 half marathons, 1 full marathon, and several 10ks and 5ks.

Kim LenHart: Yoga and Stretch Classes

Kim grew up in a small town in Nebraska and most of her summers were spent outdoors. Swimming, bicycling, catching guppies from the creek, a game of hide and seek or kick the can was the way of life for a young girl. During the winter there was ice skating at the local pond or sledding. She always knew it was time to head for home when the 6 pm town whistle blew. Kim still enjoys outdoor activities. She has completed 2 Triathlon’s and 1 Ride the Rockies.

Ashley Whitehead: Personal Training and Small Group Training

Ashley grew up in an active and competitive family. Her mother was and still is an avid runner and her siblings all grew up playing multiple sports. Within the past 10 years she has gotten more into fitness -involving running and weightlifting, and yoga within the last 5 years.
Ashley likes to find ways to make fitness fun and interesting for herself and her clients. After years of playing sports and diving further into the fitness world, she decided that she wanted to turn her passions into a career and bring her love for athletics and fitness to others.

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Ashley is excited to be a part of the FYSF team because she believes in an all-encompassing and supportive environment that is fun, motivating, and community based. Feed Your Soul Fitness is a place to not only get and stay in shape, but somewhere to meet new people, make new friends, and to build a network of positive support.

Ashley is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and also is certified with TRX. She looks forward to getting yoga certification in the near future as well.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing soccer, running and biking, and spending time with her boyfriend and their dog Dixie.

Sarah West: Personal Training and Small Group Training

Sarah has always been an active person. You could find her playing baseball in her younger years, participating on a dance team and often trying new outdoor activities like biking, hiking, backpacking, 5Ks and coaching youth sports. After three major surgeries and the insights those brought, Sarah discovered that “healthy” looks different on everyone. Her passion for well-being and teaching others fitness became her main focus after brain surgery in 2012.

Sarah believes that learning how to treat ourselves with grace is valuable not only for our waist circumference, but more importantly, for our mindset and joy in being alive.

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Motherhood has shown her that taking time for mental health is what keeps her present in her kids’ lives. Her goal is to teach others how to make time for their health and how it will improve other parts of their lives.

Having earned her Personal Training, Wellness Coach and Nutritionist Certification has allowed her to support clients as they learn how much better they can feel with simple lifestyle changes.

She has also received Low Pressure Fitness Certification that supports core strength and pelvic floor health. She’s really excited to meet and encourage you!

Diana Prado Garzon: Yoga and Stretch Classes

Diana was born in Venezuela and raised in Puerto Rico where she completed a 200hr yoga teacher training in 2007. Since then, she has taught yoga on the island and has incorporated yoga into the practices of combat sports and Pilates throughout the years. She recently moved to Denver and hopes to keep sharing this practice. She is also certified in TRX, and ICG (Indoor Cycling Group). Diana has a Bachelors degree in Geology at UPR-Mayaguez and Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering at Polytechnic University of PR in San Juan. She is happy to be part of the Feed Your Soul community!

Amanda Vollrath: Small Group Training

AmandaAmanda played for Northern Illinois University’s Women’s Rugby Team. After college and having a job in a corporate sales setting, she started to explore other activities to keep fit. She loves the journey of fitness and finding new ways of challenging herself; whether it is weight training, a spirit triathlon, or running a full marathon. She is passionate about helping people incorporate health and fitness in their everyday lives, so recently she left the corporate world to pursue her passion in personal training and helping others along their journey.

TJ Sherley: Small Group Training

TJFor TJ the pursuit of wellness has been a progressive journey over the past several decades. He graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health and Exercise Science (emphasis in Health Promotion). He has had a wide range of opportunities over the years since graduating, which for him promoted diversification and continuous professional learning in the fields of fitness. Such as private gym training, group fitness, and skilled nursing wellness classes. He also had the opportunity of working with the University of Michigan Medifit Program. Each of these experiences for TJ have reinforced the transformative power of saying “yes” to getting started. He believes in empowering others, and leveraging both personalization as well as the power of group motivation. It is an absolute pleasure for him to be part of the Feed Your Soul Fitness community and put all of his amazing skills to great use!!

On a personal note, He enjoys spending time outdoors (nature’s gym), traveling to new places to gain exposure to the unfamiliar, and spending as much time as possible with his lovely wife Lindsay and their four legged posse of pups!

Dawn Kollmorgen: Small Group Training

Dawn KollmorgenDawn has been teaching group fitness for over 10 years, and absolutely loves to help clients realize their capabilities and achieve more than they ever imagined! She is so excited to share her passion with everyone through challenging, rewarding, and functional workouts. Dawn is known for her high energy and consistently motivating others to push beyond their limits in order to gain confidence and achieve results physically and mentally. She has forever been passionate about providing the most effective way to get results and she can’t wait to bring that to Feed Your Soul Fitness!
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After several years in the Chicago Fitness industry, while achieving a BSN/RN. Dawn and her family moved to Denver, and she decided to pursue nursing full time. But after the birth of her first child Leo, she decided to stay home and take a break from nursing. She missed the fitness life and thought it was time to start back up! We can’t wait to see all the amazing things she brings! When Dawn is not teaching you can find her with her family cooking, baking, skiing, hiking, bike riding, running, and playing!!

Johnny King: Small Group Training

Johnny KingI love teaching my Strength, Cardio/Core and TRX classes because being around people who push themselves out of their comfort zones inspires me. I love feeling the energy in the room when I see clients strengthen both their physical and their emotional fitness. There’s nothing better than witnessing someone’s growth over a period of weeks, months and years as they shed pounds and limiting beliefs about themselves.
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What is your guilty pleasure “pump up” song? Oh, that’s easy, anything by Yanni. There’s nothing that makes me feel more masculine than a good workout and the sound of the alto clarinet. 😉

What’s my favorite smell and why? Okay, now this is just asking for a sarcastic answer but I’m going to answer seriously and that is, the smell of a horse barn. I wouldn’t say it’s my FAVORITE per se, but there’s something I love about being around those majestic animals. The smell has a very calming effect. (please no barn scented candles for Christmas).

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? The other day at the Denver Aquarium, I saw their Sumatran Tiger and the look in its eyes was amazing. My friend said I have the same intensity in my eyes so there you go. I’d be a Sumatran Tiger! Look up photos!