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Fitness and Yoga Studio looking for a unique and special trainer. We are looking for small group, TRX, Yoga and Personal Trainers.

The unique part portrays to the fact that they this is not your average gym. We call ourselves a training studio on purpose rather than a “gym”. We give our clients our full attention and unbelievable customer service. Our clients come first in every way and often we are not only their trainers, but also we are their emotional support.

The special part portrays to the fact that the applicant needs to be someone willing to train those newer to fitness. Not everyone can train beginners and it takes a certain passion. Our trainers will help people with injuries, limitation and those that are overweight/obese. Patience and compassion are assets we are looking for.

You thrive on being positive and happy and are able to come in drama free with no issues in scheduling. Our training sessions are 30 minutes and serve 8-10 people in a group. Depending on your schedule and ability, it could be as little as two back-to-back classes or many throughout the week. We start sessions early as 5:30am and go as late as 8pm Mon-Fri with weekends too.

Our trainers plan their training sessions according to the clients in session- not their own agenda.

Successful trainers at FYSF are able to:

  • Offer modifications and variations for all exercises.
  • Give cues to explain to the clients what the exercise is, how to do it, what they should be feeling and how to correct poor form.
  • Greet clients by name and make as much personal connection throughout the 30 min session as possible
  • Walk through the session happening giving feedback and hold active energy for the group.
  • Use the 30 minutes efficiently where clients leave with a fulfilling workout versus having too much time standing around.

We listen to 80’s music, classic rock and like to have fun! No body builders, no ego, no competition. We want energy, entertainment, fun, passion, excitement and overall to create an experience for our clients to improve their day!

If you feel you would be a good fit, please email with your resume. In your cover letter, please write why you like working with beginners and why you became a trainer IN RED.