Nutrition should be a simple answer to helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Proper food can be as beneficial to a person’s health as medicine, and in many ways a good balanced diet can extend and save a person’s life. Nutrition is essential to how you feel both mentally and physically on a daily basis.

sabrinaOf coarse changing everything at once seldom works. FYSF has programs designed around you. As with all of our programs, we will be there with you. We will help you through the wins and the challenges to help you change your life for the years and decades to come.

Sabrina will teach you how food can be used as a medicine to gain vital health and live a healthy lifestyle at any age.

Sabrina’s BA at MSU in psychology and alternative therapies coupled with her Master Herbalist certification led her to work at  the woman’s centered herbal apothecary and Holistic Pathways over the last 5 years. With her education and real world background Sabrina has help many people redesign their own diets and nutrition so that they can change, in small realistic steps and accomplish their goals.

FYSF nutrition program is not for people looking to have a fad diet to lose a few pounds. Our Nutrition is designed to help people make a long transformation and sustain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

Sabrina provides personalized diets plans to fit each individual’s needs. She takes into consideration your health, lifestyle, age and your health and wellness goals.

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