Feed Your Soul Fitness offers Small Group Personal Training for beginner to intermediate fitness levels. We offer four different options of small group sessions. The session are all 30 minutes with the exception of Sunday Stretch Yoga-it is 60 minutes.


  • Small Group Personal Training– These sessions focus on full body strength training using a variety of equipment and exercises. By using dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine balls and body weight, you will have a training session that helps build strength while improving balance, posture, flexibility and core strength. There will be brief bursts of cardio to get your heart rate up. You will leave feeling more lean, happy, and closer to your goals!
  • TRX Small Group Training- Spending 30 minutes on the TRX training with your bodyweight in a full range of motion will create overall strength and increase muscle endurance. You will find our approach to using the straps a sustainable and progressive way to keep your body strong and functional. You will increase your heart rate by incorporating bursts of cardio while you work on the TRX.
  • Stretch Yoga- Sometimes you just need to stretch and breathe deeply- and that’s what you will focus on during our stretch yoga sessions. We use aromatherapy, focus on mind intention and breath, plus deep stretching to help you recover, relax and feel better in general.
  • Cardio/Core- This session allows for longer cardio intervals as well as longer core focused intervals giving you the workout that helps you feel accomplished. The idea is to keep your heart rate up for longer periods of time to help the body burn more calories for hours after the workout is over. We will challenge all layers of the core for the full affect.


All of our group workout sessions will:


  • Be in groups of 6-8 people- it helps more with individual attention.
  • Have modifications for those needing something more gentle.
  • Be timed so that everyone can work at a pace that best suits them.
  • Will be carefully watched over by a trainer to ensure proper alignment and form.
  • Have the exercises demonstrated so that you know what it looks like.
  • Have the trainer helping you as to which weights would be appropriate to use.
  • Help you feel better and have more energy! Soon your clothing will fit differently, you will feel more strong and you will be living the life you want!


If you are interested in training in small groups, having focused attention with workouts that are safe, effective and fun, now is the time to come to Feed Your Soul Fitness.


Contact us today so that we can get you started on your individual program that will help you achieve the goals that are most important to you!