Hi my name is Deanne, this is my transformation story:


DeAnne Transformation PicI started working with Brandy in the fall of 2013.  I was interested in practicing yoga to help relieve the stress and anxiety caused by my crazy desk job. Even though I exercised quite a bit, I was unable to lose weight.

Lack of sleep had me mentally out of shape; the results were depression and overeating.  At the end of the year, I became extremely ill. I was in the hospital on my back for almost a month. My illness left me weak with an expected year-long recovery. I could barely walk around the block.

In 2014, I began yoga with Brandy again. When the weather warmed, my husband and I did Brandy’s Fitness in the Park program 6 times a week.  Before long, I realized that I had built up my strength and stamina from doing all of the body weight exercises, and to my surprise, the pounds started coming off.  I had more energy and confidence in myself.

In the Fall, I became certified to teach indoor cycling and am currently teaching 4 times a week! All of these changes were very positive for me. I still have more weight to lose and strength to gain.  I know as I continue with Feed Your Soul Fitness, Brandy will help me reach my goals. She is also helping my husband to get in better shape and lose weight as well.

We have both committed to a year-long program of fitness!  I have a brand new life now: my “Summer of Recovery” was the best on record with many thanks to Brandy!

My name is Jeff Spector, this is my transformation story:


Jeff S. B&AMy wife was a client of Brandy’s for yoga and training for some time before she asked if I would join. The summer of 2014 my wife and I joined Brandy’s Fitness and Yoga in the Park program. We went consistently every Tues, Thurs, Saturday and Sunday. When I went into the program in May, I was about 15 pounds heavier then what I ended up in September.

Not only did I see weight loss, but I really got into the yoga. It was funny because at the beginning of the program, I much preferred the fitness over the yoga, but just about half way through, I found myself looking more forward to the yoga! I had a stiff neck and chronic back pain daily when I woke up, but after staying consistent with the yoga, I said goodbye to feeling that, ever! When I started, I couldn’t touch my toes.

Now I can. The yoga also taught me how to breathe and be more aware of my body. The fitness had quite an effect on my physical health as well. When the outdoor program ended, we continued through the winter training with Brandy in couples training sessions.

By Spring of 2015, I went to a doctor appointment and when my Dr. took my blood pressure, he was shocked! It was completely normal. Even though I had been on meds, it was never “normal” so he asked if anything changed from my meds. I told him I was off of them since fall of 2014. I told him I had been training, doing yoga and eating better. He was even more shocked.

I am still consistent with my workouts and training throughout the week-as it gives me more energy and best of all, my golf game and swing has improved immensely- probably because of the yoga! I look forward to training and continuing to see what else happens!

My name is Linda, this is my transformation story:


LindaIn the summer of 2014 I decided to change my eating habits because I was not as healthy as I wanted to be. I didn’t have much energy and I just didn’t feel very good when I woke up every day. My doctor had said I was pre-diabetic and needed to watch out because my A1C (blood sugar levels) were too high. As I changed my eating habits to more vegetables and lean proteins, I started to feel so much better.

I knew I was ready for more physical activity, but the place I currently went to wasn’t doing anything to help better my health and wellness. They did not challenge me, nor did they even pay attention to me while I was lifting weights or doing my exercises.

I then found Brandy with the help of my son and daughter in law. Brandy took the time to understand that my goals were different than others, as I am 74 years young. It was important to me to have more energy, carry less weight around, and have better health from the inside-out.

Brandy started with making sure I understood the exercises by fully explaining and demonstrating them. She also made sure I progressed when I was capable and ready. She integrated strength and bits of cardio to help me build endurance.

I now have more energy so that I can garden in my back yard, go for daily 3 mile walks and wake up feeling good every day. My doctor says that my A1C levels are down, and I am no longer pre-diabetic. I have lost 30 pounds and could not be happier! I love training on the TRX and enjoy challenging my balance on the BOSU or wobble pods!

My name is Stephanie, and this is my transformation:


Steph B&AAfter taking Brandy’s classes for more than 2 years, I decided that I would begin doing personal training with her as I had goals of looking my best the summer of 2015.

I am so glad I did because Brandy has helped in many ways!

She gave me specific workouts that challenged me and helped me build more muscle then I ever had-but didn’t bulk me up. She also helped guide me as to what is the best way to eat.

I always had a tough time with understanding what foods were best for me, and if something wasn’t good for me, she helped me find what a better option would be.

She has inspired me to begin to jog- I love that I can spend more time with my dog Roxy and give her a healthier life too!

I had to buy new clothes as my size has dropped from a 12 to a 6 and my husband and family have all noticed changes. I am wearing a beautiful dress to a friend’s wedding and I know it’s because of training hard and eating better with guidance from Brandy.

I got inspiration and motivation the whole way and I plan on continuing this journey by signing up for my first 10k!

I am Dan Litvak, this is my transformation story:


Dan Before and AfterEarly 2012, I started the first phase to my transformation. It hit me when my brother gave me a book with a statement he wrote on the inside that said “I want you around for a while” so I began going to a regular gym. It just didn’t do much for me.

Halloween 2012 was when I met Brandy. That’s where everything changed! She taught me about strength training with TRX and free weights. TRX scared me before I even took my first class but Brandy is patient among other things. She also takes the steps to help you reach a goal you didn’t think was possible- like a single leg squat! We met twice a week and I began gaining muscle and losing fat. The changes weren’t just physical, but also mental. As Brandy teaches Yoga, I was able to attend her many workshops that helped me realize how to breathe, how to stay calm and how to reduce stress.

Brandy helped me realize that along with working out, food is key. I better understand that eating breakfast is essential, that my snacking needs to be healthier and that drinking soda is not good. My slow but steady pace of eating healthy allowed me to lose 40 pounds and 6.5% body fat. Best of all, I do not feel 58. I feel younger! My journey continues every day. I took the Level 1 TRX certification in June 2014 and the Level 2 certification in March 2015 because I love it so much now!

For me, workouts have become fun and even though I don’t always feel like it, I know I always feel better after! The key to my transformation is that I stuck with it and found something I love: training with Brandy, Elliptigo and TRX!

My name Jennifer, this is my transformation story:


Jen G. B&AAlmost two years ago I walked into a spin class and the most amazing thing happened to me; I met Brandy. I immediately fell in love with her charisma and energy.

I left class and told so many people how great she was and looked at our schedule to see what other classes she was teaching.  When I found out she was also teaching barre, I had to try it too.  Again, I was glad I went.  After a few classes I decided to ask her about personal training.  I explained to her that I had trained with someone before, but things started to feel very negative and I knew I wouldn’t have this experience with her.

Since March of 2014 I have been training with Brandy and she has helped transform me into someone I can be proud of.  Not just because I have lost over 5% body fat in just over a year and have been able to fit in my “skinny” clothes for a year, but because I feel motivated to try new things that I never thought I would do. I completed my first half marathon in April 2015 and have signed up for the full marathon in Oct 2015.

I also noticed how strong my ride has become on my bicycle as I ride for the MS150.  I have learned to stay focused and work hard to achieve new goals while “honoring my body” as Brandy would say.

I can’t say that I will never feel down or unmotivated again, but I know with a great community within Feed Your Soul it would be hard not to come back quickly.

I look forward to sharing the growth with all of you.