Feed Your Soul Fitness is certified in TRX Suspension Straps Training. It is one of our three styles of small group offerings.  If you aren’t sure what this looks like, watch the video here:

Training with the TRX straps is the perfect combination of strength and cardio. The TRX is a great way to work out because they help support the joints. Often people with knee, hip or back injuries enjoy working out with the straps because they feel supported and that they can endure longer for a better workout. The suspension straps offer a full-body-work-out by challenging the body in full range of motion. Depending on how you place your stance, the exercise can either be more challenging or a bit easier, so you are always in charge. Either way, we will coach you to have proper form and to make sure you stay injury free! It is one of the best ways to work out!

There are so many ways to train on the straps. You can train with tempo, speed, or depth. Each variety will provide a new way for your muscles to develop and train. No matter what you do, you will train the entire kinetic chain in the body. This means that you will spend less time and you will be more effective. Is that what we all need!?

Here are some reasons you should incorporate TRX into your workout sessions:

1. Excellent for all Fitness Levels

It doesn’t matter if you’re the most elite athlete or just someone looking to shed some pounds, TRX suspension training can help you achieve any goal you may have. Because of the high level of versatility with these exercises, you can easily alter any movement to be easier or much more challenging.

2. Cardio & Strength Training

TRX workouts will help you build functional strength, but will also help you improve anaerobic cardiovascular endurance. You have the choice to perform any exercise at a rapid pace or with a slow and controlled motion. Of course, the faster you go, the greater cardio training potential you will have.

3. Extremely Versatile

There are six basic body positions you can use with TRX equipment. In the standing position you can face the anchor point, face away from the anchor point, or face the side of the anchor point. While on the ground, you can lay face down, face up, or lay on your side.

But if you noticed, I said BASIC body positions. By slightly angling your body one way or another, you will create additional or less resistance. There are literally hundreds of different variations of exercises you can use to target every muscle of the body.

4. Portability

The entire TRX training equipment weighs a whopping two pounds, making it super easy for you to transport anywhere. This means you can practically train anywhere; especially great for those who travel. No more excuses!

5. Improve Muscular Imbalances

Suspension training is an excellent way to improve any muscle imbalances you may have. This is primarily because of the amount of balance you must have to perform any of these exercise. Because of the constant instability, your body will perform as single unit to maintain the necessary balance.

6. Injury Rehabilitation

Many training injuries are a direct results of muscular imbalances throughout the body. As previously mentioned, TRX will help correct such imbalances, and can be a great tool for people who are recovering some injury.

7. Engages and Activates the Core

TRX is an extremely attractive training technique because of its ability to activate the core. This is due to the constant instability that the straps provide. You must be able to balance and keep your core tight throughout every movement. TRX will strengthen all muscles of the core including the rectus abdominis (front of abs), transverse abdominis (sides of abs), and lower back.

8. Low-Impact Exercise

All TRX exercises are very low-impact and are excellent for people looking to give their joints a break. This is especially true for runners who tend to get overuse injuries due to repetitive movements.

9. Minimal Risk of Injury

There is very little chance you will get injured when use TRX equipment. You don’t need to worry about being crushed by heavy weights because the only resistance you use is your own body.

10. Fun

TRX Suspension Training is a great way to spice up your training routine. It doesn’t matter if you primarily lift weight or focus on cardio. Including a TRX regime 1-2 times a week can really keep your routine lively and ensure that your workouts don’t become stagnant.